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Bioclimatic Pergola

From C3 Systems, we are introducing a new product in our family of Sun protecting products. Our new  bioclimatic pergola Seesky BIO is an ideal solution to enjoy additional spaces in terraces, hotels or restaurants.

Thanks to a simple installation (in just one day) the bioclimatic pergola Seesky BIO adapts to any outdoor space creating an atmosphere of design and art.

The main advantage of the pergola is that it is
controlled by an intelligent system and home automation.



Bioclimatic pergolas have numerous advantages over other types of structures:


You can adjust aluminum slats orientation either by control remote or using Smartphone and Tablet, as well as program the pergola. In this way, you can achieve a complete protection against sun radiation.


Temperature can be controlled in a natural way thanks to oriented motorized slats (45º, 90º and 135º), that allow the air to come in during summer time as they are opened, and retaining the heat during winter time once they remain closed.


Specially designed roof aluminum slats collect water and using a pipeline system take collected water through lateral columns to the outside, avoiding the possibility of water entering the inside of the pergola.

Designed and manufactured in Spain

The pergola Seesky Bio is completely designed and manufactured in Spain, backing materials and workmanship of trust and quality. From C3 Systems, we seek innovation and the quality of our products, therefore we have worked in a totally new product with lots of options and accessories to enjoy that extra space we have comfortably.

Perfect system to
extend living spaces

Seesky-BIO is a pergola system which allows to increase living areas without any additional construction work, and it is a perfect solution for terraces, gardens, hotels and restaurants.

Adaptable to the architecture of your home 
Or can be installed independently in the garden.


Possible configurations

Seesky-BIO can be custom made using different variations, depending on where the installation will take place so it can be adapted to customer’s needs. These configurations can be divided into 4 different groups:


We take advantage of the architecture of our house to install it using the support walls. In this case, we have a configuration open on both sides, only one side, or completely closed between walls, for example, to cover a patio.


Perfect to install inside the garden and enjoy the whole year. It creates a surface in which you can perform any type of activity protected from the sun and inclement weather. With our modular system, this surface can have different sizes



Ideal to create a space like a terrace or porch, attached to the dwelling, expanding the useful space of it


This special configuration allows the union of pergolas without intermediate pillars, obtaining more useful space, without any element that prevents the panoramic vision.

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To further enjoy the benefits of a bioclimatic pergola as spectacular and elegant as seesky-BIO, it is interesting to know that it has numerous accessories that can be incorporated. Let's highlight the four most important:



Enjoy your pergola during night time thanks to LED enlightenment choosing between fixed lights or light slats. Enlightenment can be programmed to turn on and off at determined time.

Also, the intensity can be controlled through the same remote control used for pergola slats or other remote device.

The atmosphere created with the pergola will be excellent already not only by the conditions of comfort during your stay, if not by the addition of accessories how LED lighting allowing you to create a unique atmosphere. It regulates the intensity of the on your smartphone without the need for a control panel.


Using integrated WiFi adaptor you can control your pergola and all the complements from any given place using a specific mobile application, and making it a part of your home automation system.

Automation switchboard can control the motor via radio (control remote or push bottom) to regulate slat opening depending on the weather conditions. Forget uncomfortable settings for your pergola. With the pergola, bioclimatic Seesky Bio can adjust the degree of openness of the slats, music, lighting and infrared heaters through the remote control.


With seesky BIO intelligent automation, you will obtain a maximum comfort thanks to the sensor which will protect you automatically from harsh weather conditions. Seesky Bio automation device allows you to protect the interior of pergola against any harsh weather conditions thanks to the sensors installed:

  • · Temperature sensors for ice appearance and snow.

  • · Rain sensor for automatic closing.

  • · Wind sensor for automatic opening due to the wind.



Sound integrated system allow you to listen to your favorite music with a direct radio access, USB adaptor and Bluetooth. Speakers can be provided in white or black color. Sound system can be controlled with control remote (not the same that controls slats opening), mobile phone or tablet.


Seesky Bio can be combined with infrared heater habitat HOT, so you can enjoy a pleasant temperature even on very cold winter days. Habitat HOT heater can be controlled using the same remote control as you use for slat opening.

You can choose a wide range of colors adapted to your needs
or the environment where you want to install the pergola


Seesky-BIO bioclimatic pergola has different finishes in Lacquered (RAL) colors, and Wooden effect. Therefore, you can choose a wide range of colors that best suits your needs or the environment where you want to install the pergola.

The colors shown on the screen approximate the real ones, so we recommend that you use the catalog that we provide or contact us to select the right color.



· All RAL range
· Wood Imitation



The standard color.




Nature color is the most requested by customers








RAL 7035


RAL 8014


RAL 7016




RAL 7011


RAL 9016



It is possible to choose a color for the structure and another color for the slats.
The option most requested by customers is RAL 9011 Matt for structure and slats in white.






The resistance was one of the most important values to the product of C3 Systems at the pergola Seesky BIO development team. For this reason, we worked on a completely new design that offers resistance against wind, rain or snow.

Wind, Rain or Snow.

The importance of providing a certified product was an obligation for C3 Systems and to demonstrate the strength of the pergola, passed various test certificates about:

· Snow and wind load resistance
· Water tightness
· Impact resistance

Bioclimatic pergolas can be combined
with our Seeglass glass enclosure systems

Perfect for glass enclosures

The pergola bioclimatic Seesky BIO incorporates a precise design that allows you to fit any glass enclosure on the pergola. Combining our glass systems with our bioclimatic pergola creates an avant-garde space for the enjoyment of customers, guests, or anyone that has it.

Frameless galzing systems

Seeglass systems are the best choice on the market for glass enclosures without losing visibility, since our systems lack vertical profiles. Thanks to sliding and folding panels system, entire enclosure can be opened, creating a sense of open space.

Seeglass systems can be incorporated into the bioclimatic pergola. Seeglass-RUN uses sliding glass panels, while seeglass-ONE uses sliding and folding glass panels. Both systems securely protect the inside of pergola and allow you to enjoy the views without the annoying vertical profiles or other systems that disrupt limitless view.

Adjustable Windscreen

Seesky-BIO can be combined with adjustable windscreen habitat WIN to protect from windy weather.

With the glass adjustable windscreen, you can enjoy outdoor spaces with friends and family from spring until late autumn. The glass adjustable windscreen offers the option of an open terrace when the weather is nice and sunny. If you need protection against high temperatures and cold winds, lift the adjustable glass panels (screens) in height and it will allow you to continue enjoying outdoor spaces.

Sun protection systems

Sun protecting system Habitat Zip will allow you to create a sense of comfort and privacy without need of installing any structure that invades the inside space.
Combine mosquito screen habitat Net with your pergola and you are going to be able to protect yourself from different kinds of insects.
Aluminum lattices habitat Out allows you to control the entrance of sun rays inside and at the same time as it adds elegant and exclusive design to your pergola.

Download our CATALOG for more information about seesky-BIO bioclimatic
pergola and accessories, complements and finishes


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